Moving An Art Collection Locally? 3 Tips To Find Responsible Movers

Posted on: 3 January 2023

Moving any of your belongings to a new location can take careful planning to ensure everything arrives safely, but some items can be more delicate than others. If you have an art collection you treasure, you'll want to take some precautions to prevent any accidents.

When you've decided to work with a local moving company to assist with transporting your art collection, there are several steps you can take to find movers that will responsibly move your art.  

Ask About Experience

It's common for local moving companies to generally work with homeowners and renters to move furniture and other personal belongings. Unique items, such as electronics or an art collection, can come with their own challenges being moved even over a short distance. When you contact local movers, it's wise to ask about their experience transporting artwork.

Since artwork needs to be handled carefully due to how fragile they can be, it's important to find movers who advertise moving art experience and understand the challenges involved. 

Get Help With Packing

Transporting art can be much easier when the correct packing methods are used. Not only will the correct packing reduce a lot of your concerns about your items arriving safely at your new home, but it can also ensure that your entire collection fits into a moving truck.

For canvas and framed art, it's a good idea to use a wood frame that the art slips into and prevents any damage as it's transported. Statues and smaller art pieces should be placed in boxes that suit their size and have enough padding to move everything safely. Since the correct packing materials and methods can be difficult to get by yourself, professional movers can ease a lot of your concerns and make it easier for your artwork to be prepared for the move. 

Insist on Insurance

As you prepare to move an art collection, you must prepare for the possibility of items being damaged or misplaced. Even with a local move, there's the chance that something could go wrong. Getting your art collection insured through movers can ease many of your concerns and make it easier for you to feel confident that your upcoming move will go smoothly. 

If you're eager to find movers that can help you transport an art collection, you may feel hesitant due to concerns over how everything is handled. Since your artwork could be delicate and difficult to move, consider the above tips and how they can help solve any challenges for your upcoming move. 

Contact local movers to learn more. 


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