Tips for Moving Over the Holidays

Posted on: 12 November 2019

When planning a local move during the winter, it can make sense to put it off until the Thanksgiving or winter holiday breaks. You may not need to take much time off work, and finding time to unpack and settle in is a breeze when there are no work or school commitments. While a holiday move may make sense, there are a few considerations to keep in mind so you can pull it off. The following tips will make your holiday move go much more smoothly.

Tip #1: Rent Equipment in Advance

The winter holidays aren't often considered a big time for moves, so finding available equipment to rent may not be as challenging as when one tries to move in the peak moving season. During the holidays, the biggest challenge will be scheduling your equipment rentals and drop-offs around the shorter holiday hours and holiday closures that are common at this time of year.

You may need to pick up some equipment the evening before your scheduled move day if you are planning to move right on the holiday. Another option is to rent from services that allow you to use your phone and a lockbox after hours to check in and check out equipment.

Tip #2: Have a Weather Plan

Winter weather can be unpredictable, particularly if you live somewhere with snow and ice. Have a plan and the right equipment in place before you begin moving. For actively falling snow or rain, put up a canopy outside the door of your new house and line the ground with a tarp. Boxes and furniture can be placed here and dried off before being carried into the house.

Indoors, focus on protecting the floors. Use drop cloths to cover flooring so you don't have to worry about tracking in mud or snow. Just make sure to tape the edges down so no one trips.

Tip #3: Consider Service Schedules

If you plan to hire help, make sure you are aware of the service schedule. Some movers may work on the holidays, but there may be an extra fee. Ask in advance and sign a contract so there are no surprises when the time to pay arrives.

Other movers may not work on the day of the holiday. If this is the case, have the packers and movers come in the day before the holiday and handle the actual move. You can then spend the actual day unpacking and settling in.

For more help with a holiday move, contact a moving service such as Above Average Moving.


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