Ways to Protect Your Electronics during a Move

Posted on: 17 February 2016

Packing is an important part of any move. Properly packing your belongings helps ensure that they arrive at your new destination in the same condition they left your old destination. However, if you haven't moved often, you may be unsure how to correctly pack and move some of your possessions. Electronics are some of the more valuable possessions you may own and require care when moving. Here are some tips to help you correctly pack and protect your electronics during a move.


The best way to move your television is to use the box and Styrofoam that your television originally came in. However, if you have already disposed of this material, you will have to come up with another solution. Follow these steps to pack your television:

  1. Take a few pieces of thick, strong cardboard and wrap them around the screen of the television. This helps protect the screen from scratches and cracking. Use packing, masking, or painter's tape to secure the cardboard in place. Ensure no portion of the screen is exposed.
  2. Wrap the television entirely in foam or bubble wrap. This helps protect the whole television from damage.
  3. Purchase a television moving box from a moving supply store. Slide the television into the box in an upright position. If a box isn't available, wrap the television in a blanket for an added layer of protection.

Once your television is packed, you will want to load it into a moving truck. For large televisions, you may need two people to lift the television. Keep LCD, plasma, and flat-screen televisions in an upright position to prevent pixel damage. Secure the television so that it won't shift during transport.

Desktop Computer

When you are moving a desktop computer, you need to properly pack both the monitor and the tower to ensure they do not get damaged. Here is the best way to pack both of these items:

  1. Measure both the monitor and the tower. Find boxes that match the size of these items as closely as possible. You will want to pack these items separately, not together.
  2. Shut down the computer. Take a picture of the the back of the monitor and tower. This is useful when you have to reconnect all of the cords. You can refer back to the picture to see where everything went. Unplug all of the cords. Wrap or fold them up and secure them using a rubber band or other tie to ensure they don't tangle. Place them in a sandwich bag so they are all together in one place.
  3. Wrap up any other computer equipment, such as the mouse or speakers, in packing paper.
  4. Fill the bottom of the box that will be holding the tower with wadded up packing paper or old newspaper.
  5. Wrap the tower in bubble wrap and secure it with packing tape.
  6. Place the tower upright in the moving box. If there is space in the box, place your bag of cords in the box and any other equipment that will fit, such as the mouse.
  7. Close the box and secure it. Draw an arrow pointing upward to indicate the box should be kept in that direction. Do not tip the box upside down, or you could damage the equipment.
  8. Next, wrap the computer monitor in bubble wrap and tape the bubble wrap in place with packing tape.
  9. Place the monitor inside of the appropriate-sized box.
  10. Fill any open gaps in the box with packing paper or peanuts.
  11. Close the box. Mark the box with an arrow pointing upward so the box is kept in the upright position.

Learning how to properly pack your belongings will help protect them during a move. If you don't have the time to pack your belongings correctly, a local moving company like Affordable Transfer Co Inc. can help you pack and move your possessions to your new home for you.


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