4 Easy Ways To Protect Your Fragile Items When Moving

Posted on: 12 January 2016

Moving is not the easiest thing to do in the world. There are numerous things for which you have to prepare and to which you must commit. Among these things include making sure that you hire the right moving company for the job, finding the right neighborhood in which to move into, and ensuring that everything that you wish to move is properly packed. It's this last item that sometimes gives people a decent amount of trouble. Moving fragile items can especially be difficult. You should know how to protect your fragile items when moving so that they are not damaged.  


It should be noted that properly packing up fragile items can be a time consuming affair. Make sure that you give yourself plenty of time to pack these items up.

Even if you think you own only a small number of items that would be considered fragile, it is best to give yourself at least 3 to 4 hours to pack these items up. If you are hiring movers or the services of a moving company, make packing up your fragile items a priority.

This should be the first set of items that you properly pack up and ensure that the moving company will be able to move said items with ease and without the potential for breakage.

Have The Right Tools

Before you start packing up, make sure that you have all of the tools for the task. First and foremost, you will need cardboard boxes of various sizes. There are even boxes specifically designed for the transport of fragile items, such as glass. These boxes tend to come with "handles" for ease of grip and extra headroom in the form of a line that you shouldn't cross when it comes to packing such boxes up.

In addition, make sure you have plenty of packing paper, pliable cardboard, efficient cushioning material like packing peanuts or foam, scissors, and packing tape. It would also help to have a large table so that you can lay out all of your items and sort them with greater ease, although this is not a necessity.

Let The Movers Know

If you're using movers or the services of a moving company, it is important to let them know which boxes contain fragile items. Telling one or two people in the moving company isn't enough, however. Make sure that every mover that will be touching or moving your items know which items contain fragile items, personally.

In addition to this, make sure that every cardboard box that contains fragile items is blatantly labeled "FRAGILE." Ensure that the movers will see this by writing this out in large letters on the topside with a black marker.

How To Pack Fragile Items

There are several methods of which you should make yourself aware when it comes to packing fragile items. When packing fragile plates, for example, you should use small to medium sized boxes and make sure that the boxes are lined with crumpled paper on the top and bottom. Make sure that each plate is individually wrapped in bubble wrap and secure it with tape. Ensure that no scratching between plates takes place by placing paper in between each wrapped plate. As with all fragile items, always make sure that you leave plenty of room in the box and never over pack in order to give your items some breathing room.

Make sure that you pack the heaviest fragile items on the bottom of the box, and then the lighter fragile items on top. This will ensure that the heavier items don't crack the more fragile items.

Moving can be a daunting situation. Moving fragile items can only serve to compound that situation. Luckily, this article has shed some light on how to properly pack and move fragile items. If you don't feel like you can properly pack and prepare your fragile items for a move, however, you might want to consider hiring packing services from companies like Bekins Van Lines Inc to get the job done for you. 


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